Document Processing Times

Time to process documents will vary depending upon the time of the year and the volume of documents received. Peak time to process Fall documents is from February through July and peak times for Spring is October through December.

The following dates are the dates through which we have processed the documents. Please note for the high school and college transcripts the date only reflects when we have verified receipt of the transcript and associated it with your application for the term. For transcripts, it is important to allow several more weeks to have your application evaluated.

Supplements and college transcripts- this date reflects the date when the majority of schools have had their transcripts verified and the data entered into the TDA. 10/25/2017
College Transcripts- Domestic- this reflects the date we have received and imaged the transcript. It will be removed from the To Do List within 4 days. 01/12/2018
Residency Classification Documents01/12/2018
Appeals: Transfers 05/16/2018
Appeals: Freshman06/01/2018
A20 Verification and A15 Golden Four Hold Removals sent through email at