Registration Calendars

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10/31/2016 to 01/20/2017TITAN Registration - Registration and Change of Program by class level (see Registration pages for appointment times).

Last day to register without paying $25 late fee.

Last day for full refund of resident and non-resident mandatory fees.

01/21/2017 Instruction begins. Late registration (with $25 late fee) begins through TITAN Online.
01/21/2017 to 01/29/2017No signatures required to add or drop most classes. Add/Drop is through TITAN Online. See Registration pages for details on adding and dropping classes. All permits issued in week one expire at midnight; Monday, February 6.

Last day students will be enrolled from waitlist.

Deadline to file online graduation check application for May 2017 bachelor's degree candidates.

01/30/2017 to 02/06/2017

Department-issued registration permit to register and add all classes (except classes offered at the Irvine Campus). Registration is through TITAN Online.

All permits issued in week two expire at midnight; Monday, February 6.


Last day of late registration with $25 late fee. Last day to add most classes with registration permit.

Last day to declare audit and grade option changes. See Registration pages for details.

Last day to drop classes without a grade of 'W.' See Registration pages for details.

Last day for refund if status is reduced from full-time to part-time (6 or fewer units).

All permits issued during the first and second week of classes EXPIRE at midnight.


Last day for undergradute students to pay $115 graduation fee for May 2017.

Last day for departments to approve undergraduates candidacy for May 2017.

02/13/2017 Deadline to file online graduation check application for May 2017 Master's and doctorate degree candidates.
02/17/2017 Census date.
04/05/2017 Last day to receive a pro-rated refund of mandatory fees for complete withdrawal from classes.
04/21/2017 Final deadline to withdraw from classes with a grade of 'W' for serious and compelling reasons. See Registration pages for details.
04/28/2017 Deadline to submit graduate thesis/dissertation/DNP project to Office of Graduate Studies (MH-112) for candidates graduating in May 2017.
05/12/2017 Last day of class instruction.
05/13/2017 to 05/19/2017Semester examinations.

Deadline for final approval of graduate thesis/dissertation/project by University Reader.

Grades due in records office by noon.

Effective date of graduation for those completing requirements.

Spring 2017 grades available in Titan Online Student Center, as processed.