Registration Calendars

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07/02/2018 to 08/24/2018TITAN Registration - Registration and Change of Program by class level (see Registration pages for appointment times).
08/24/2018 Last day to register without paying $25 late fee. Last day for full refund of resident and non-resident mandatory fees.
08/25/2018 Instruction begins. Last registration (with $25 late fee) begins through TITAN Online.
08/25/2018 to 09/02/2018No signatures required to add or drop most classes. Add/Drop is through TITAN Online. See Registration pages for details on adding and dropping classes. All permits issued in week one expire at midnight; Tuesday, September 4.
09/02/2018 Last day students will be enrolled from waitlist.
09/03/2018 to 09/11/2018Department-issued registration permit to register and add all classes (except classes offered at the Irvine Campus). Registration is through TITAN Online. All permits issued in week two expire at midnight; Monday, September 10.
09/11/2018 Last day of late registration with $25 late fee. Last day to add most classes with registration permit. Last day to declare audit and grading basis. See Registration pages for details. Last day to drop classes without a grade of 'W.' See Registration pages for details. Last day for refund if status is reduced from full-time to part-time (6 or fewer units). All permits issued during the first and second week of classes EXPIRE at midnight. Last day for Excess Units approval for graduating seniors.
09/16/2018 Deadline to file online graduation check application for January 2019 bachelor's degree candidates.
09/17/2018 Deadline to file online graduation check application for January 2019 Master's and doctorate degree candidates.
09/24/2018 Census date.
10/12/2018 Last day for undergraduate students to pay $115 graduation fee for January 2019. Last day for departments to approve undergraduates candidacy for January 2019.
10/31/2018 Last day to receive pro-rated refund of mandatory fees for complete withdrawal from classes.
11/15/2018 Final deadline to withdraw from classes with a grade of 'W' for serious and compelling reasons. See Registration pages for details.
12/14/2018 Last day of class instruction.
12/15/2018 to 12/21/2018Semester examinations.