Admissions Appeals

Cal State Fullerton is impacted at both the first-time freshman and upper division transfer levels, which means that we don't have the capacity to accommodate all eligible applicants. Our process is also deadline-driven and we do hold applicants to our stated deadlines. If you were not offered admission, or if your application was withdrawn because you missed a deadline, it is unlikely that our decision will be reversed on appeal. However, if you wish to submit an appeal, please read the following instructions completely, download the Appeal Cover Sheet form and complete as directed.

You must adhere to all admission deadlines while waiting for a decision on your appeal.  Only one appeal per application term will be considered.

Incomplete packages will not be considered. An appeal, written by the student, must contain the following:

  • The completion of the Appeal Cover Sheet
  • A personal statement (from the student) explaining the reason for the appeal
  • Documentation supporting the appeal

Documentation must include verifiable evidence supporting the justification for the appeal (i.e. proof that a deadline was met, a requirement was met or is in progress).  Documentation should also be submitted to support any claims made in a student’s personal statement regarding hardship, illness, or other extenuating circumstances.  Minimal documentation related to sensitive personal or medical issues must be submitted.  If further follow-up is required, the student will be personally called.  All documentation will be treated in a confidential / professional manner.  A personal statement does not constitute documentation.

Failure to routinely review your "Student Center", read email messages sent by the University, or adhere to deadlines are not grounds for an appeal.

All appeals must be received by CSUF within one month of the date on the "missed deadline" or "deny" notification / communication from the Office of Admissions. Because many students may not be notified of the results of their appeal until close to when classes begin, we strongly encourage you to pursue any and all other higher education options available to you.

Types of appeals that may be considered are the following:

Missed Deadline Appeal

  • Test Scores (ACT or SAT)
  • Final High School Transcript
  • College Transcript(s)
  • Grade Card(s) for Golden Four courses
  • Freshman Orientation Registration
  • Freshman Orientation Attendance
  • Acceptance of Offer/Enrollment Deposit
  • Early Start Program Registration
  • Early Start Program Attendance/Completion

Admissions Decision Appeal

  • Freshman Low Eligibility Index
  • Freshman Missing College Prep Course
  • Transfer "Golden 4" Requirement
  • Transfer GPA
  • Less than 60 Transferrable Semester Units
  • AA-T or AS-T Degree

Appeal Cover Sheet

NOTE: Students appealing a residency decision should contact the Residence Specialist at (657) 278-3100 or


The California State University takes very seriously complaints and concerns regarding the institution. If you have a complaint regarding the CSU please visit our Complaint Procedure webpage.