Admission Appeals

If you wish to submit an appeal, please read the following instructions.

Only one appeal per application term will be considered. An incomplete packet will not be considered and may be immediately denied.

An appeal, written by the student, must contain the following:

  • The completion of the Appeal Cover Sheet
  • A personal statement (from the student) explaining the reason for the appeal
  • Documentation supporting the appeal

Documentation must include evidence supporting the justification for the appeal (i.e. proof that a deadline/ requirement was met or is in progress). Documentation submitted should support any claims made in your personal statement regarding hardship, illness, or other extenuating circumstances. All documentation will be treated in a confidential/professional manner. 

Failure to review your student center or read emails sent by the University are not grounds for an appeal. 

All appeals must be received by CSUF within one month of the date on the "missed deadline" or "deny"  communication from the Office of Admissions. Submitting an appeal does not guarantee your decision will be reversed.

Type of appeals that may be considered are the following:

Missed Deadline Appeal

  • Official High School Transcript
  • Official College Transcript(s)
  • Acceptance of Offer/Enrollment Deposit

Admissions Decision Appeal

  • "A-G" College Prep Course
  • "Golden 4" Requirement
  • Cumulative Transfer GPA
  • Less than 60 Semester/90 Quarter Transferrable Units

Appeal Cover Sheet

NOTE: Graduate students appealing admission decisions should visit Graduate StudiesOpens in new window for appeal information. Credential Students can submit an appeal through the Office of Admissions using the form above. Students appealing a residency decision should email


The California State University takes very seriously complaints and concerns regarding the institution. If you have a complaint regarding the CSU please visit our Complaint Procedure webpage.