Titan Degree Audit (TDA)

California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) has developed the Titan Degree Audit (TDA) to enhance student advisement. In 1997, the Office of Admissions and Records began setting up the requirements of the undergraduate degree programs, including major, minor and general education in the TITAN Degree Audit program. This program produces reports that inform CSUF students and advisers of the completion status of degree requirements. The TDA is the official grad check document. View the online TDA Request Web TutorialOpens in new window

Recent Graduates

Once your degree has been recorded online your TDA may not reflect your most current major, minor, and/or catalog year. You may run a "what-if" TDA instead. To learn how to do this view the Titan Degree Audit TutorialOpens in new window . If you still have access to your Student Portal (which would include all students who attended CSUF since 2007), you may view your unofficial transcript in your Student Center accessible from the "Titan Online" tab in your Student PortalOpens in new window .

At this time the Alumni Portal does not provide access to unofficial transcripts. Alumni and former students who have not taken a class since 2007 must order official transcripts through the Admissions and Records site instead. See the transcript ordering information page for instructions. Official transcripts will be mailed.