Degree Program FAQ

Do I have a better chance of admission if I apply early?

A: We recommend that you apply and submit required documents and test scores early in the admissions cycle. The sooner your file is complete, the sooner we can issue an admission decision.

My final transcripts are currently not available. Can I still apply?

A: Yes. If you are still in school, final transcripts are not required at the time of application. For Fall entry, your first transcript must include final grades up to December. For Spring entry, your first transcript must have final grades up to August. Once you complete your studies at that school, send a second transcript with final results. Check your "To Do List" in the Student PortalOpens in new window for the latest status on the processing of your transcripts.

I studied another subject in my home country; can I study a new subject at Cal State Fullerton?

A: For freshmen, you can choose any major. We do not require specialized study in high school to enter any field. For transfer students, you can choose any major. However, you will finish your degree quicker if you have completed courses or prerequisites in your major before entering Cal State Fullerton. 

For graduate students, please check with your departmentOpens in new window . Graduate-level study is more specialized and many programs require that you have studied in a similar field prior to entering the program.

How often are campus tours given?

A: The University offers one campus tour every day, Monday through Thursday, and two tours on Fridays. You may schedule a tour on the University's New Student Programs' websiteOpens in new window .

I have dual citizenship. Am I considered an international student? How do I apply? How do I establish residency?

A: If you are a U.S. citizen, you are not considered an international student at CSUF. You may have international documents, but you will actually be held to domestic admission standards. For further information visit the University's Prospective Students page; if you would like more information on establishing residency please visit the University's Admissions and Records Office page on ResidencyOpens in new window .

How can I apply to the Nursing Program?

A: You will be required to have a Social Security Number (SSN) in order to apply to any CSUF Entry-Level Nursing Program. The California Board of Registered Nursing requires a SSN in order to take the RN License test. For more information regarding the admission requirements please visit the School of Nursing websiteOpens in new window .

Can international students use the Undergraduate application without a Social Security Number (SSN)?

A: Yes. Undergraduate international students currently studying in the United States can use the undergraduate applicationOpens in new window for faster processing. You can leave the SSN field blank.

How do I know which classes to take now, so I will qualify for admission?

A: We can provide you with some basic guidelines to meet minimum eligibility requirements; however, this does not guarantee admission. If you are attending a California community college, you can use the Assist websiteOpens in new window  to know what classes transfer.

I have some university units, but I don't have 60 units. Can I still apply as an undergraduate transfer student?

A: You may apply if you will complete 60 units and a college level math course before entering Cal State Fullerton. For fall applicants studying within the U.S., complete the Golden Four and 60 units by the end of Spring. For Spring applicants studying within the U.S., complete the Golden Four by summer and the 60 units by Fall.

I want to apply as a Freshman. What minimum subject requirements do I need for admission?

A: In your high school transcript, we will look for at least three years of Mathematics and two years of Laboratory Science (one Biology and one Chemistry or Physics). Students in the IB system must complete at least six subjects with grades of 4 or higher. Students in the UK secondary system must complete at least 5 O-levels and 2 A-levels with grades of C or higher to be eligible to apply.

Does the American Language Program administer the TOEFL exam?

A: Yes, the American Language Program offers the TOEFL five times a year: two exam dates in the Spring semester, one exam during the Summer and two during the Fall semester.

Can I apply for a Graduate/Master’s level program with a 3-year degree?

A: Most graduate programs require a 4-year degree to be admitted. If you are applying to a graduate business program contact MCBEOpens in new window for assistance. Visit the College of Engineering and Computer Science for more information on admission requirements. For all other inquiries, contact

What happens after I submit my application?

A: Once you submit your online application, CSUF will email you. One email will include your campus-wide identification number (CWID) and PIN. With them, you can check the status of your application online. The To-Do List in your Portal's Student Center will tell you what documents to submit to receive a decision.
Important: Some email programs categorize emails from CSUF in your Promotions or Junk Inbox. Check there or email us if you have not heard from us after one month of submitting your application.

When is the deadline to submit transcripts? Test scores?

A: Personalized deadlines and required transcripts/test scores are indicated on your "To Do List" in the Student PortalOpens in new window . For general deadlines, visit the Important Dates webpage. Select your semester entry and student level.
Before being admitted, Freshman applicants in the U.S. are encouraged to take the ELM and EPTOpens in new window  (English and Math placement exams). The results are not required for admission, but are needed to register for classes once admitted. Applicants abroad will be invited to take the test during orientation week.

I have one original transcript, and I cannot get an additional transcript. What should I do?

A: If you have only one transcript, we recommend you submit a certified copy of that transcript. All documents submitted to CSUF (regardless of admission decision) cannot be returned. Your former school can stamp a copy of your original and seal it in an envelope. If your transcript or diploma is written in a foreign language, then also submit a certified English translation.

Can Cal State Fullerton review my application without transcripts and/or certain test scores?

A: Unfortunately, no. You must complete your application file in order to receive a decision. You can see the required documents on the To Do List in your Student PortalOpens in new window . In general, you must submit official transcripts from all academic institutions listed in your application and demonstrate English proficiency.

When is the deadline to submit the financial form?

A: There is no deadline, but your I-20 can only be issued if you are admitted and your financials are approved. Submit the Financial Affidavit of SupportPDF File Opens in new window  with your application documents or while your application is being reviewed. We'll remind you to email your financials for approval.

How long does the admissions process take?

A: Admission decisions are made after all documents are submitted and processed. If there is an item still listed on your "To Do List" we cannot make an admissions decision. If your file is complete, allow at least a month for an admission decision. For graduate programs, it may take longer, so please consult with your departmentOpens in new window .

Is on-campus housing available?

IPGE's Office of International Students and Scholars can assist you with housing and can answer all of your questions. You can view the Housing section of the IPGE website here.

How long does it take to issue an I-20?

A: We recommend that you first complete your application file to receive a decision. While your application is being evaluated, complete your financial documents. Our office will first check if an admission decision has been made and if your Financial Affidavit of SupportPDF File Opens in new window with supporting documents have been approved. If you have been admitted and your financial documents are approved, we will email you to confirm your preferred shipping option and delivery. Once all of these steps are completed, it can take approximately 5 business days to mail your I-20.

How can I qualify for a TOEFL/IELTS waiver or exemption?

A: You may qualify for a TOEFL/IELTS waiver if you attended an institution full-time at the secondary level or above for at least three years, where English is the native language of the country. Complete the TOEFL waiver formPDF File Opens in new window and email to