Cal State Fullerton Next Steps For Admited Students


Cal State Fullerton offers conditional admission based upon self-reported and in progress coursework as indicated on the Cal State Apply application. Conditional admissions means that our offer is contingent upon you continuing to meet all the requirements for admissions to CSUF. All applicants must maintain eligibility by successful completion of First- Time or Transfer admission requirements and adhering to enrollment deadlines.

Priority   - These deadlines do not have any negative repercussions to the applicant. Meeting these deadlines will simply allow for a smoother processing experience.

February 1   Priority Deadline for Official Initial Transcript (select First-Time Freshmen only) 
March 1   Priority Deadline for Official Initial Transcripts
July 1   Priority Final Official Transcripts  Deadline

* Select First-Time Freshmen are applicants that CSUF requires additional information from in order to reach an admission decision. 
   Select First-Time Freshmen have been notified via their Student Portal "Task"  list and CSUF email to submit additional documentation.


vaccination requirements

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Please review the Student Wellness website for vital information regarding your immunization requirements. Click on the banner above.


admissions deferrals 

Cal State Fullerton is a highly impacted campus on all levels, and as such, does not defer admissions. If a student is unable to enroll for the admitted term, they will need to reapply for a future term.