Eligibility Index

Eligibility Index

The "Eligibility Index" is the result of a formula that combines your achievement in high school college preparatory courses completed after your 9th grade with the results of the SAT I or ACT. The "Eligibility Index" is used throughout the CSU system to establish basic eligibility. The formula places the greatest weight on the high school grades. The "Eligibility Index" is calculated as follows:

SAT I: (GPA X 800) + SAT EBRW + SAT Mathematics
ACT: (GPA X 200) + (10 x ACT Composite)

The highest individual Mathematics and EBRW score are used if the SAT has been taken more than once. For applicants that take both the SAT and the ACT, the higher resulting index will be used in the admission process.

College Preparatory Grade Point Average

The GPA's listed above are calculated based on grades earned in all approved college preparatory (A-G) courses taken after grade 9. Bonus points may be awarded for up to eight grades of C or better in approved honors courses taken in grades 10 to 12, including up to two (2) International Baccalaureate (IB) or Advanced Placement (AP), or honors courses taken in tenth grade.

For information on A-G high school course validation, see Validation of High School Coursework.

SAT I or ACT Test

SAT I or ACT scores are required regardless of GPA.  You must take either test by no later than December and CSU Fullerton must receive your test scores by mid-January.

Do not rely on your high school to submit this information. If the SSN on the test report is not the same as on the application, the test scores will not be matched to your file, so contact us immediately. We will accept photocopies of your score report. Be sure to include your full name and CWID.

When taking the SAT I, use either the CSU Fullerton code of 4589 or the CSU code of 3594. If you use the CSU code, your score report made available to any CSU campus of your choice.

When taking the ACT, use either the CSU Fullerton code of 0355 or you can release your ACT scores through Cal State Apply after you submit your admission application.