Special Programs

Cross Enrollment

Undergraduate students who are enrolled at local campuses of the UC or the community college system may enroll in one class per semester, on a space available basis, for a $10* course fee plus a $29* mandatory fee. Contact the registrar at the home campus for the forms and further information. * Fees subject to change.

Visiting Students from Other CSU Campuses

Students may enroll at CSUF for one semester by completing the appropriate forms available from the registrar at their home campus. No transcripts are required. Visitor students attend only the host campus for the specified term; whereas Concurrent students attend both the home campus and host campus. Fees for Visitor students are paid at the host campus; those for Concurrent students are only paid at the home campus. For information on Intrasystem Concurrent Enrollment (ICE) please click here.

Transitory Students or Visitors from Other Colleges or Universities

Students who are in good standing at accredited institutions may attend CSUF for one semester with the permission of their home campus. An application and fee are required.