A&R Information Technology Unit

This unit primarily supports the Admissions and Records department under the Division of Academic Affairs. Through cross collaboration with other divisions and departments, our goal is to provide timely and accurate technical services to support the mission of the University. Students needing I.T. support should contact the Student I.T. Helpdesk at 657-278-8888.

Who We Are

  • A team of five analyst/programmers and IT Director specializing in PeopleSoft Application support and development.
  • One information technology consultant supporting the hardware and software infrastructure needs of the department.


Systems We Support

  • Admissions Acceptance/Decline & Enrollment Deposit
  • Census and End-of-Term processes
  • DARwin/uAchieve (Titan Degree Audit)
  • Enrollment Reporting (ERS) data for IRAS and Chancellor's Office
  • Registration/Appointment Setup
  • PeopleSoft Student Admissions
  • PeopleSoft Campus Community
  • PeopleSoft Student Records
  • Student Document Imaging in FileNET


Cross-Divisional Collaboration & Project Development

  • Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) PeopleSoft Interface
  • FileNET Document Imaging for EOP, ECS, UEE, and Veterans Services.
  • Hobson's Interface with PeopleSoft for UEE, MCBE, and Grad Studies.
  • New Student Orientation Registration/Checkin
  • StarRez Housing Interface with PeopleSoft for Housing Office
  • S4 Interface with PeopleSoft for Center for Internships and Community Engagement


Data Requests

  • Requests for student data should be made in writing to arinfotech@fullerton.edu .  Include in the request the data elements needed (fields), desired student population (selection criteria), and business justification.  All new requests are subject to management review and approval.


Project Accomplishments

  1. Admissions Auto Admit – Developed process in PeopleSoft that will allow admissions staff to bulk admit students for given terms based on a number of configurable criteria.  For FTF various combinations of ACT and SAT can be configured.  Also exceptions by College, Academic Plan, and Student Groups can be set to give additional control. For transfers similar concept based on GPA. Go live was late 2009.
  2. Batch Graduation automation – Developed process that utilizes the Titan Degree Audit data tables looking for students in given graduation cycle who have “clear” audits.  Upon finding “clear” audits the system will automatically code the student degree, code any honors, and complete the student’s academic career.  Saves a significant amount of time that staff previously have to devote to running audits and examining the data by hand.  First time used the process “graduated” 3,842 students taking about 5 hours to complete vs. 1-2 months that was the typical time to manually code the same amount.  Now only special cases (double majors/minors) need human attention. Go live was 2016.
  3. Campus Checklist (Time to Declare Major TO DO item) – Developed process that will automatically place a TO DO item on the Student Center for undeclared students with 60 or more units earned.  This was on request of Academic Advisement Center who normally had to run queries and email students manually.  Process now runs daily looking for the students to alert. Go live was 2016.
  4. CSU Fully Online communications – Developed process that will generate communications for students enrolling at CSUF through the CSU Fully Online system (formally known as Coursematch).  Students from other CSU campuses take online courses at CSUF need to be informed about login procedures.  This process sends them timely emails.  Go live was late 2012.
  5. CSU Fully Online transcript receipt – Developed process that will post graded coursework to TDA system for students taking CSU Fully Online courses at other CSU campuses.  Process will read the grades from a CSU global database and generate a transcript file.  The transcript file is then processed by our Transcript EDI Parser tool that will generate images and post the courses taken to the audit.  Also adding logic to purge “Placeholder” courses for CSUF students taken courses at other campuses.  Go live was late 2015 with continual enhancements.
  6. Grade Roster reminder emails – Developed process that will email faculty members who have partially entered grade rosters but have not yet completed them.  Saves Records unit time time to chase down faculty members who do not complete their final steps of the process.
  7. Graduation Unit automation – Developed an external process that eliminated need to print transcripts and TDAs to paper.  Prior to launch every graduation cycle required a pallet of documents to be printed and manually sorted through.  Under the new process PDF files are generated of transcripts and TDAs.  The two documents are merged together and then distributed to individual folders for staff processing. Process accomplished both preventing massive paper handling and also distributing work to staff. Go live was 2014.
  8. Letter generation automation – Developed an external process that replicated lost functionality when campus converted from SIS+ to PeopleSoft.  Process will allow A&R to mass email students and perform mail merge, printing to specific printers/trays, and image outgoing documents to FileNET.  Go live was late 2010 with continual enhancements.
  9. New Student Orientation – Developed system that replaced the obsolete system developed previously by campus IT. Old system did not integrate with PeopleSoft and required manual removal of orientation holds during the sessions by admissions staff. New system is now inside PeopleSoft allowing orientation staff to run their own process. Holds are automatically removed upon student check-in on the day of the sessions.  Reminder emails are also automated and sent on pre-arranged schedule. Go live was 2014 with continual enhancements.
  10. SB1440 Cancellation – Developed process that runs daily looking for students admitted on the SB1440 pathway who leave the pathway.  ADT students must remain in majors compatible with their CCC degree – if not this process detects change of majors and will code their Sb1440 status as cancelled.  Records staff have no need to watch ADT/SB1440 students to ensure campus compliance with the law—this process does all the work. Go live was late 2015.
  11. SB1440 eVerify Import – Developed process that took eVerify file (10,000+ rows of data) and automatically adjust student records in PeopleSoft.  Prior to this process admissions staff had to split the work and manually check each student one by one taking months.  Process now can run and do the same work in 20+ minutes.  Go live was 2016.
  12. TDA Email Notifications – Developed a process that will check for recent adjustments to student TDA data and send email alter to students.  Purpose of email is to have student re-run their audits so they are aware of the recent results.  Process is completely automated without need for staff to do any mail merges. Go live was 2014.
  13. Transcript EDI Parser – Developed process that will read electronic data interchange (EDI) data files containing transcript data.  Process reads the EDI, generates a human readable transcript image, loads the TDA system with transfer work, and also sends alerts to A&R staff when additional action is needed.  Same process will read EDI from many vendors include: eTranscript California, Texas SPEEDE Network, Credentials Solutions, and Docufide by Parchment.  Also will read data from paper transcripts that went through the optical character recognition (OCR) process.  Go live was late 2007 with continual enhancements.
  14. UEE PIN Letter emails – Developed process that will automatically email students enrolled through UEE their login information. Previously UEE staff once enrolling a student had to manually send an email to the students.  Process now runs daily looking for new enrollments and generates letters daily without human intervention.  Go live was 2015.