Transfer Success Pathway

Transfer Success Pathway Program

Comprehensive dual admission program that will create a more efficient and accessible way for students to transfer to the California State University. The program will guarantee future CSU admission to 2024 high school graduates and beyond who are entering a California Community College and who commit to transferring to their specified academic program within three years. The Transfer Success Pathway Program gives students clearer direction as they begin their post-secondary education journey and greater confidence that they will achieve their goal of attaining a four-year degree. 


Beginning with the California high school graduating class of 2024, the Transfer Success Pathway Program will be open to first-time, first-year state community college students who meet the following eligibility: 

  • Left or graduated high school in 2024 and
  • First-time freshmen that were not CSU eligible at the time of high school graduation or
  • First-time Freshmen who did not to attend a CSU due to personal or financial reasons
  • CSU Redirect freshmen who opted not to enroll at a CSU campus



Eligible students can enter into an agreement with the specific CSU campus they wish to attend. As part of the agreement, students must complete either an Associate Degree for Transfer or an established course of transfer at a California community college within three years. 

The CSU Transfer Pathway enrollment period begins August 1 through September 30. Students will be able to determine their program eligibility, research campuses and programs available and enter into one agreement. Late submissions will not be accepted.

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American Studies, B.A. 

Anthropology, B.A. 

Biochemistry, B.S. 

Biological Science, B.S. 

Chemistry, B.S. 

Child and Adolescent Studies, B.S. - Adolescent/Youth Development Concentration 

Child and Adolescent Studies, B.S. - Early Childhood Development Concentration 

Child and Adolescent Studies, B.S. - Elementary School Settings Concentration 

Child and Adolescent Studies, B.S. - Family and Community Contexts Concentration 

Cinema and Television Arts, B.A. 

Civil Engineering, B.S. 

Communications, B.A. - Advertising Concentration 

Communications, B.A. - Entertainment and Tourism 

Communications, B.A. - Journalism Concentration 

Communications, B.A. - Public Relations Concentration 

Communication Studies, B.A. 

Comparative Literature, B.A. 

Computer Engineering , B.S. 

Computer Science, B.S. 

Earth Science, B.A. 

Electrical Engineering, B.S. 

Engineering, B.S. 

English, B.A. 

Ethnic Studies, B.A. - African American Studies Concentration 

Ethnic Studies, B.A.- Asian American Studies Concentration 

Ethnic Studies, B.A. - Chicana and Chicano Studies Concentration 

French, B.A. 

Geography, B.A. 

Geology, B.S.

History, B.A. 

Human Services, B.S 

Japanese,  B.A. 

Kinesiology, B.S.  

Liberal Studies, B.A. 

Linguistics, B.A. 

Mathematics, B.A. 

Mechanical Engineering. B.S. 

Philosophy, B.A. 

Physics, B.S. 

Political Science, B.A.

Psychology, B.A.

 Public Administration, B.A. 

Public Health, B.S. 

Religious Studies, B.A.

Sociology, B.A.

Spanish, B.A. 

Women and Gender Studies, B.A.

Frequently Asked Questions


How many TSP agreements can a student have? 

A student can only have one TSP agreement. They cannot enroll in multiple agreements with campuses. The system will not allow a student to enroll in more than one. Campus officials will review if a student attempts to enroll in more than one program. 


If a student enters an agreement with another CSU, can they change the agreement at a later date? 

A student can request to be removed from an agreement. If they wish to change to another campus or program, they must submit a request for release and allow time for the campus to review. 

The filing period for a student to submit an agreement is from August 1st-September 30th. 

If a student requests to be released from their original agreement, they can elect to do an agreement with another campus or program provided it is within the filing period for an agreement. 


If a student is deemed to be ineligible for the TSP program, can they try to do an agreement with another school? 

No. Once a student is deemed ineligible by any campus, they will not be able to enter into any agreement with any CSU campus. 

Students that are not eligible for TSP will still be able to utilize the CSU Transfer Planner.