Admissions Appeal

Students whose applications have been denied or withdrawn for any of these reasons have the right to appeal as outlined in Section 89030.7 of the California Education Code. It is the responsibility of the Office of Admissions Appeals Committee to review admission appeals for undergraduate students for exception to university policy.

Undergraduate Appeals

Applicants are allowed one appeal per academic term, and must be submitted within 15 days from the notification date from the Office of Admissions. All appeals should include the following:

Reason for appeal (mandatory)

Appeal statement explaining the reason for the appeal (mandatory)

Recent transcript(s) from all institutions attended (mandatory)

Test scores or exam credit (if includes basis of appeal)

Documentation supporting the appeal statement

 CSUF Admissions Office must have official transcripts and/or official AP scores on file for an appeal to be considered. Please attach receipts or/and email confirmations with dates as proof of request to your appeal.

Appeals are based on extenuating circumstances and should include new and compelling information that was not initially presented in the application. In order for the appeal committee to render an appropriate decision, the appeal packet must be complete, otherwise the appeal will be automatically disqualified and denied. Please allow up to 30 days from the date your submission for the appeal committee to notify you of your decision.


Types of appeals that will be considered are the following:

Admission Decision

This type of appeal is for admission denial due to unsatisfactory completion of the admission requirements. Examples include:

  • CSU Minimum Eligibility
  • Reconsideration Request

Missed Deadline

This type of appeal is for admission withdrawal due to failure to adhere to admission and enrollment deadlines. Examples include:

  • Transcript (Document) Deadline
  • Accept Offer/Enrollment Deposit
  • Application Deadline (see below)

how to submit an admissions appeal

  • Log in using your username and password (to log in, you must have accessed your student portal).
  • To submit the admissions appeal, the mandatory fields, as stated above, must be completed or attached.
  • Appeals are reserved for applicants who have been "denied" or "withdrawn," all other applicants will be unable to.
  • If you have received a waitlist offer, freshmanOpens in new window or transferOpens in new window , you will not be able to submit an appeal.

Appeal Now

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Graduate students appealing admission decisions should visit Graduate Studies.Opens in new window Credential applicants need to consult their advisor for appeal information and  Nursing 2nd BA, please submit a ticketOpens in new window . You will not be able to submit an appeal using the form above.

Fall 2024 APPLICATION Deadline Appeal

Late application appeals are closed for Fall 2024.