Transfer Eligibility Requirements

Spring 2025: All admission requirements must be complete by  Summer 2024,  (including  ADT  if applicable).

Fall 2025: All admission requirements must complete by Spring 2025, (including ADT if applicable).

Transfer students must meet the minimum eligibility requirements (summer or intersession coursework completed during the term immediately prior to enrollment cannot be used for eligibility) :  

  • earn 60 semester/90 quarter transferable units;
  • complete 10 general education courses (30 semester/45 quarter) units with a grade of C- or better including;
  • the "Golden Four" courses with a grade of C- or better:

A1) Oral Communication 

A2) Written Communication

A3) Critical Thinking - Engineering (Civil, Computer, Electrical, and Mechanical) and Computer Science majors are exempt 

B4) Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning

  • earn a qualifying grade point average (GPA)
  • be in good standing at the last college or university attended (eligible to re-enroll).

CSUF will continue to accept "Credit" or "Pass" for all transferable college courses completed in Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall 2020 terms and in Winter, Spring or Summer 2021 term.  "Credit" or "Pass" courses taken outside of this time frame must indicate equivalence of a C- or better via transcript legend or institutional catalog.  

Cal State Fullerton does not accept lower division transfers (less than 60 semester/90 quarter) units. Applicants must declare a major at the time of application and alternate majors will not be considered for admission. For course articulation from the California Community Colleges (CCC), visit Assist.orgOpens in new window .



Cal State Fullerton is impacted by campus and major. Impaction means that there are more qualified applicants than can be admitted. Meeting the minimum California State University (CSU) requirements does not guarantee admission to CSUF. Admissions is  competitive, therefore supplemental criteria may be used. As an impacted campus, CSUF only accepts second bachelor degree applicants for Nursing.


Local Admission Area

Due to campus impaction, a local area is defined. CSUF has defined the local admission area as all community colleges in Orange County. Students who attended more than one institution will be classified based on where the majority of their units were completed. Priority admission preference will be given to local area transfers for all majors.

 CSUF Local area community colleges
Coastline College Golden West College Saddleback College
Cypress College Irvine Valley College Santa Ana College
Fullerton College Orange Coast College Santiago Canyon College


Major impaction

The following majors have supplemental admission requirements: 

Criminal Justice

Applicants that have completed the equivalent of  Criminal Justice 100 (CRJU100) with a C- or better, or an ADT in Administration of Justice will receive priority admission preference. Applicants without CRJU100 or an ADT in Administration of Justice will be placed on the waitlist and considered for admission pending space availability.


Admission to the DanceOpens in new window major is based on the performance of a successful live dance audition. 


 Admission to the MusicOpens in new window major is based on the performance of a successful music audition. 


Admission to the TheatreOpens in new window major is based on the performance of a successful theatre audition. 


 For more information, visit the School of Nursing

returning students

Former CSU students who are seeking readmission after academic disqualification must meet the GPA standards in place for their major at the time of reapplication.  For more information and to schedule an appointment with an advisor visit Bring Back TitansOpens in new window .

Please Note:   Cal State Fullerton does not defer admissions. If a student is unable to enroll for the admitted term, they will need to reapply for a future term.